Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I guess from time to time I will put 5 random songs in a 'bag' and hand it off to you.
This one has no particular thread but they're all songs I like very much:
MysteryMeatp3 #1

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Remember this commercial? The way it's lit and shot reminds me of Evil Dead(1981). They would interrupt my beloved cartoons every two minutes to play this god damn thing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008



I think Damian Hirst gets a bad rap. Sure, he is a ham and a lot of people have problems with hams in the art world. Look at the equally hammy Julian Schnabel: people got in such a tizzy about him too. So much so that no one noticed that his paintings— at least some of them—are pretty good. Like Schnabel, Hirst has made a few lemons filled with hot air, but he's had some zingers too. This skull, which reportedly sold for 100,000,000 clams might be my favorite of them all. It's brash, sensational, blingy, and uber-hammy. This at the outset might be a turn-off. At first I dismissed it as the usual ham sandwich; but when I gave it a penny's worth of thought I decided that Hirst was right on the money. He takes two heavy-duty concepts, death and money, and throws them together so perfectly that it almost looks too easy. In this hyper inflated art world drunk on dollars its timely as well. The endless pursuit of wealth is the ultimate pursuit to slather over our ultimate "oh-oh".
Sorry to break it to you. I hope I look as good as this skull a decade after I'm dead.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good ideas, Bad ideas and Not Sure

Good ideas:

1) Taking a phone number belonging to a person that has stiffed me for $200 and putting it on escort service websites and other things of that nature.

2) Forgiving myself

3) Driving erratically and when pulled over having the officer find your car full of empty Red Bull canisters.

4) Red Bull

5) Cat Flavored Dog food

Bad ideas:

1) Walking into Jury Duty wearing a Merlin costume

2) Slashing the tires of the person who owes you $200

3) Movies about romantic longing

4) Refried beans

5) Painting a Still Life

Not Sure

1) Painting a Still Life

2) Macrobiotic food

3) 9-5 jobs

4) Cats

5) People constantly birthing more children contributing to overpopulation and glutting this planet with more useless crap.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog time

I decided upon seeing a certain blog that will remain nameless that the reason I never blog on here is because I was trying too hard to be a wordsmith. I thought I would be crafty through painstaking editing habits and constant reconsideration. I thought I would enlighten myself—maybe even you. Well, eff that. Let me join the chant, the sweet cacophony of voices, uttering 100 trillions of hundreds of millions of tens of thousands of words, most of which have as little sway as a fly fart. But it's MY flyfart now. Yay.
I once read on another person's myspace page that it was 'sick' to have an online diary. Not that this or any blog is really a diary, because I don't think most people talk about the darkest, most personal shit explicitly or directly on blogs. But any rambling, even if it's noting what was on the lunch menu, is somewhat diaristic. So poo poo on this myspace numbnut. 1000 trillions voices are free to mumble on here. It doesn't mean one has to read it, dumb-ass. That opinion says more about said person that the 'diarists'. So, here's to you, rat cooch.....