Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog time

I decided upon seeing a certain blog that will remain nameless that the reason I never blog on here is because I was trying too hard to be a wordsmith. I thought I would be crafty through painstaking editing habits and constant reconsideration. I thought I would enlighten myself—maybe even you. Well, eff that. Let me join the chant, the sweet cacophony of voices, uttering 100 trillions of hundreds of millions of tens of thousands of words, most of which have as little sway as a fly fart. But it's MY flyfart now. Yay.
I once read on another person's myspace page that it was 'sick' to have an online diary. Not that this or any blog is really a diary, because I don't think most people talk about the darkest, most personal shit explicitly or directly on blogs. But any rambling, even if it's noting what was on the lunch menu, is somewhat diaristic. So poo poo on this myspace numbnut. 1000 trillions voices are free to mumble on here. It doesn't mean one has to read it, dumb-ass. That opinion says more about said person that the 'diarists'. So, here's to you, rat cooch.....

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