Monday, May 12, 2008



Pants, myself, La Beautiful, Max "The Gentle Giant" Warsh, and Julie "I love the OC" Lequin, all were counting on going to the Renaissance Fair this weekend until we found that the entry fee was a whopping $25. O c'mon! Surely folk jacked up on Dr. Pepper pretending to speak Middle English couldn't have cost that much to employ! This fee would have been only the beginning. We probably would have had to convert our dollars to "shillings" and spend more money on mutton or something. I was planning on dressing like I was from the 'future' but I guess my antics will have to wait when fatter checks come in the mail. Those of us who are L.A. natives spent the afternoon with our mothers instead. Just as well. The Mothers would have been offended knowing that we ditched them for Jello Shots with King Arthur. You don't think it's just wine in those goblets do you?



Errr, yeah $25 + gas + parking + snacks, and here it's already a 100 bucks. Might as well go see Made of Honor with MacDreamy and get a pair of Hug boots.

Listen to me.

erica said...

It woulda been so worth the $25.