Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Booger is Back?!


Old man Maslansky has got his panties in a bunch today over a new page in the annals of twat-dom. A woman named Bernann McKinney had her old pitbull, named "Booger", cloned. She just had to get some more Booger. When I saw the headline for this story I thought they had cloned "Booger" from Revenge of The Nerds (1984) (who incidentally makes a cameo in Southland Tales (2007). I would have enjoyed this more in theory.

What I find most disturbing is that she actually thinks she's getting the old Booger when in reality she's getting a new ersatz Booger. It's simply a Booger re-acculturated to match a memory his Booger mind cannot fathom. The new one is bound to have some illnesses sooner than later. The old one died of cancer. This one will probably get some kind of super-cancer at the age of 1 year. It's like buying a Chinese knockoff, yet it's Korean. Even more mind-blowing is how much Bernann spent to get her new Booger: $50,000. With that kind of money I could buy a fuckin' (used) 'Vette and fill the trunk with a year's supply of Red Bull and feta cheese. How cool would that be?

But a new Booger? Gauche, my friend, gauche.


jennifersullivan said...

I laughed aloud at the thought of 50 Gs worth of Vette, Feta and Red Bull.

erica said...

There was an episode about this on the Showtime TV version of This American Life. This guy had a bull I think that he really loved. It was really sweet and gentle. They loved him so much they got him cloned after he died. They hoped the new one would be just like him but he wasn't. He was violent and he injured the guy pretty badly. It was sad. You should check it out. It was one of the early episodes in the first season.

erica said...

DUDE. just randomly ran into the back story of this lady on WFMU: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2008/08/is-this-a-coen.html.

Mystery said...

Yes but she also disguised herself as a Mormon theater troop or something. Check this out.