Saturday, October 18, 2008

"W" (2008)


I saw Oliver Stone's latest effort and I gotta say, hats off to Josh Brolin for getting every Bush mannerism down to a tee. The way he even captured Bush eating a sandwich was superb.

The most amusing and satisfying impression, or caricature rather, goes to Thandie Newton. Her Condi Rice made me chortle every time she open her clamped lips. She lampooned Condi just enough to make this barely above mediocre movie all the more watchable. But don't get me wrong it still was good watching; it just dragged a little. The whole father/son dynamic was a little belabored. Yes I know, Stone is not known for his restraint. He did show more of it than he ever has in "W" nonetheless. Props for that.

That didn't seem to convince a fellow audience member from yelling "Fuck this movie!" as he vacated the theater however.

My only regret about this film is not seeing it on mushrooms while eating ice cream.

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I like that Bush drawing Max. Where did you fish that?