Friday, November 14, 2008

Carrie (1976)


In my recent Brian DePalma binge, I watched Carrie all the way through for the first time. I used to say I had 'seen' it, but almost always in its edited for TV versions or in snippets elsewhere. Have you seen Carrie lately? It's (arguably) DePalma's most popular film for good reason.
Aside from its creepiness, DePalma, having a lot of time in pre-production for this film, got quite lyrical. The slow-mo sequences, the weird split-biopter lense shots, the complicated crane shots, etc all tickled me immensely.
Not to mention that it's to the point! It's a pretty short film compared to the usual fare offered today. My ass feels like it's whacked by a paddle after I go to the theater these days. But don't get me started about my ass, that's another story altogether.

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