Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cynic or Realist?


When you have the opportunity, listen to this interview with artist Kerry James Marshall. It's pretty interesting in that he seems to have this hard-boiled realistic attitude towards the art-world, which entails knowing who your audience is, finding a flaw in the system, and exposing this flaw somehow in your work.
Some might call this cynical because it seems so strategic and counter-active to the so-called innate, primal impetus that impels any person to make things. Does this 'innocent' impetus get smothered upon being professionalized (or individualized?), or is it an immature, yet necessary force that starts the process of becoming?
Sorry I'm being so wordy-blurdy here, it comes down to this: is cynical and realist the same thing under different costumes? Please chime in.

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