Thursday, December 11, 2008


A dear friend had this dream about me last night and described it in these terms:

So I had this dream last night...

You called me in the middle of the night and said "hesse, I need you to come out to LA and help me with my art opening." Without wasting a momentI got out of bed, went to the airport, and got on a plane. When I got to your studio in the valley you told me that you needed me to transport one of your paintings to the show. And what your painting was was a pizza. A real pizza with cheese, mushrooms, sauce. You said it was real important that in the process of transporting the painting that nothing be moved, as it was the most delicious painting you'd ever made. At no point did you refer to the pizza as a pizza. It was always "the painting." I said sure, whatever you need. Then you said that the painting was too precious to be put in a car, so I would have to carry it on foot to your mom's house in Hollywood. So you gave me one of those big pizza spatulas, slide the pizza on it, and I started walking.

When I arrived at your mom's house I knocked on the door with my head and your mom's friends let me in. And once I stepped in the house everyone screamed "Pizza's here!", and started in on the pizza, crowded around me so much so that I couldn't even see what I was holding, all the while while screaming "Don't eat the painting! Don't eat the painting!" When finally everyone pulled away I was able to see the deconstruction that they did to your painting, and terrified of what your reaction would be, I dropped the painting and got the fuck out of there.

So, I am here to apologize for ruining your show...

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