Monday, January 26, 2009



I saw this news headline today: "5 killed in deadly ice storm in Midwest and South"
I'm tired of the media turning everything into this operatic drama: "The KILLER storm". If they chose to, they could report that Easter killed 5 people because people overdosed on Cadbury eggs. You know it probably has happened. But they don't because a storm is more scary than bunnies and eggs. But every circumstance can create death, even the most innocuous if you think about it. You know how I know this? I watched the movie Final Destination(2000) and movies always tell the truth. I deduce that cooking pasta can be just as deadly as operating a lawnmower after drinking a case of Budweiser. It's gotta be fact.
The media can say 500,960,345 people survived the storm next time.

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