Friday, February 13, 2009


Lux Interior died in Glendale* last week.

Admittedly, I was always a Cramps fan from afar, meaning that I was kind of curious about them, but their leather-clad S&M-y undertones made me turn the other cheek for the most part. I wish hadn't been so superficial because their music was awesome. And I regret never seeing them live. I caught a peep of them once when I lived in Brooklyn when they played at the Polish National Home, though. The doors swung open and I saw Mr. Interior howling for a second. Then the doors slammed shut.

*I felt honored. I used to live near Glendale and always had a high respect for that section of Los Angeles, mostly because it doesn't look like the rest of the city at all. If someone clubbed you over the head and you woke up in Glendale, you could be anywhere. Respect to the Armenians.

Please, pretty please, watch this Cramps song played live in NYC in 1981. It's a good'un.

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