Monday, March 16, 2009

Fear the Poor & Unfortunate no More!

Fear the Poor by Kristin Calabrese

Here yee, here yee. I've been talking about it for so long and finally I am willing to bring this idea out into the open. I have an idea that will change the way we see the the so-called mentally-ill and unfortunate.

Anyone who has been to downtown L.A. will know that there are plenty of homeless, self-talking 'mumblers' with nowhere else to go. Having lived alone now for about 6 months, I can understand and empathize with the so-called 'loonies'. If there is no one around to talk to you, you end up talking to yourself anyway. "Hey Max" said me, " do da da, la la. I needs a shower, but only after I eat."

I said this while I was leafing through a drawer for a cable adapter the other day. I've been doing this a lot. When it became a habit I realized how superficial I was towards the mumbling denizens of downtown Los Angeles. Yet, there's always that survival mechanism in me that comes to the fore when I'm walking down the street head- on into a mumbler. It's an anxious few minutes as I pass this person wondering if I am going to get shanked with a fork.

If you have similar thoughts, think them no more! The solution? I will push for every mumbler to get their own blue tooth! The city will pay for their phone bills, or if they have no one to call they can be toy blue-teeth. It will improve their image in the eyes of the public and perhaps bring about social change.
Villaigrossa! Blue teeth for everyone!

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