Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Commin' Home by Cheeseburger

Finally, the boys from NYC outfit Cheeseburger put this song up on iTunes. It's the opening jingle to their singer Christy Caracas' animated cartoon on Adult Swim called Superjail!. I coveted it and now I finally have it. 99 cent bliss.

If you haven't seen the show it's pretty insane and very gorey, though not in a stomach evacuation kinda way. Think over-the-top ha-ha kind of gorey. It's about a prison sometime in the future run by an ego-maniacal warden, modeled on Willy Wonka no doubt, whose voice is none other than that of David Wain, his trans-gender she-male guardian, and a Doc Oc-like Robot that resembles an angry iPod. The show is wall-to-wall pop-culture winks, which are as clever as those found on shows like 30 Rock or Stella. If you haven't watched thousands of hours of TV and movies as a kid you probably will not 'get' half the material.

Cheeseburger's schtick is basically 70s hard rock with a Ween-like patina, tottering the line between satire and homage. Songs like this make my days somewhat tolerable for about 10 minutes

Cheeseburger—Commin' Home

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