Saturday, April 18, 2009


A news reporter wrote an article today (it made 'front page' Yahoo! news) about Gary Sheffield hitting his 500th homer, strongly emphasizing how he broke the record in his first at-bat with a new team—a unique feat in Baseball history!

"Still, it all seems a little strange considering that Sheffield became the first player to ever hit his 500th homer with the same stroke that also produced his first homer with a new team."

Here's my take....

Who gives a rats ASS!

And then he even compiled a useless table of facts comparing other 500 home run hitters moments of hitting the mark..


Why do sport staticians keep track of this crap? There are always new records being broken only because people are CONSTANTLY inventing new categories to put them in. I guess it's kind of like trainspotters or something.

But I shouldn't feel that suprerior. I'm bothering to blog about this after all...

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