Friday, May 29, 2009

OPen STudios At UcLa

This is not a picture of a UCLA candidate, but instead some British one who made this car 'invisible' simply by painting it. Not digitally manipped. Look how proud she is.

Because having a blog seems to lend a .534% more authority to my opinions, I will just come out and say that these are the current UCLA MFA candidates to watch.
I have to admit that I didn't see everyone's studio, but these are the ones who made the biggest impression on me after 2 hours and one Pacifico beer:

Michael Dopp

Erica Love

Maegan Hill Carroll

Sanya Kantarovsky

David Snyder (he doesn't have a website, as far as I know).

All of them make interesting work and will make lots of money someday and it will happen because I said it here first.

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