Monday, June 15, 2009



I'm currently doing my proper research, interviews, et al into the stale sock drawer that is my carpooling past. Until the carpool driver profiles come to light, here's this little gem. It's a little heavy on the dialogue sample, but nails the ambiance of 1980s nighttime driving beautifully. Not that I would know what that is firsthand as I didn't get behind the wheel for the first time until 1993. This wheel was attached to a Plymouth Voyager Minivan. In 1995 it was totaled in a car accident on the way home from band practice with my brother. We flipped over and rolled into some bushes. Neither of us were wearing a seatbelt. The only injuries involved a scrapped knee (me) and a sore neck (Alex). Alex had his guitar in his lap and only one string broke.

Sky Ferreira——SaKura Night

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