Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Skull

Some of you may remember a song I posted on here months ago. It was called "Pizza Man".

The name of the band who made it was called OLD SKULL. I thought the name was too dumb/clever to be true at the outset, but it's the real deal: the boys who composed Old Skull were 9 years old!

I think this video is amazing for a few reasons. As a whole, it veers into amazing territory because the band had to be 'directed' by adults to some degree. This follows that the adults made brilliant decisions as to what they would coax and allow the band to do and not to do. I'm guessing this because the adults who helped obviously BELIEVED in this band's message. Not only that, but in how they were going to deliver this message. Step aside Menudo! Backstreet Boys? Aw pushsaw! More like Puppetstreet Boys! The adults let Old Skull guide their own destiny. And then they made Old Skull go to bed at 8pm.

Judging by the style and content of the video the Old Skull boys were exposed to Suicidal Tendencies, hence the "institutional" (wink, wink) setting of them sitting before a therapist-type figure. Then there's lots of 'found' footage of homeless people coupled with the boys skating hardcore. What's not to love, there?

Then you have the lyrics which don't necessarily express an opinion about the plight of the homeless, but rather a definition of the word "homeless". It almost sounds like they lifted the text from a book report on social ills, one that was done the night before high on Pepsi. And then the adults let them scream the lyrics to give the effect that the definition made them angry for some reason. Maybe the anger was really about being grounded.

And finally, they sum it all up at the end by expressing an opinion about Ronald Reagan after they let you see the text on screen in case you didn't catch it the first time. Did Capitol really sign these kids? I hope so. Because that is how a boy band should be!

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