Thursday, July 16, 2009

Miracle Mile (1989)


I've known about this film since the mid-90s, when it would play fairly often on cable. I've always loved it. It is the scariest movie about nuclear war ever made. While it was low-budget and faulty in many ways, the suspense in the film is very effective because you are not sure until the end of the film if what the protaganist (played by Revenge of the Nerd Anthony Edwards) is seeing is actually a dream or not.

The film, centered on the neigborhood bearing the movie's name, starts with the main character picking up a ringing public phone in front of Johnnie's Cafe at Fairfax and Wilshire. He hears someone frantically warning on the other end of the line that a nuclear wad is heading for Los Angeles. Even while not being sure if the call was hoax or not, what happens next is the character's struggle to get out of the city without leaving behind his not very good-looking love-at-first-sight girlfriend, played by Mare Winningham. The chaos that ensues in Los Angeles when the word gets out is nothing short of delicious and riveting. Stick around the for the shocking ending.

It's streaming on Netflix if you wanna see for yourself....

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