Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Irvine Robbins


Irvine Robbins, the co-founder of Baskin-Robbins, sadly, has met his maker today. He was 90 years old. What the fuck: if you dedicate your LIFE to making ice cream, God should give you a free pass to live to AT LEAST 120 years old. The same goes for the people who invented the potato chip. I just had some and man they were good. Anyway, I hope Mr. Robbins was seeing Pink and Brown all the way to heaven. He deserves it.

On a related topic, The Baskin-Robbins chain reminds me of a very interesting artist, writer, and director, David Robbins. He paid a visit to CALARTS while I was there and made quite an impression on me. He started doing these 'gatherings' at the said ice cream parlors and spun this out into a variety of projects worth looking into. He has peculiar, but interesting views on art-making in general. One zinger I remember from his visit to my class was that "Art is not good at tragedy". He also believes that the future of mass entertainment is going to be based on fun and the pursuit of fun. It sounds obvious, but I don't remember anyone phrasing it quite like that. I hope the recently passed Mr. Robbins would have been sympathetic to the other Mr. Robbins' gospel.

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