Friday, May 2, 2008

Zach Galifiankis

zach g

Anyone seen this motherfucker perform? I think he's the funniest man in the universe right now. He used to have a show on VH1 in the early 2000s called Late World with Zach. It was cancelled after 11 episodes. It was atypical of talk shows in that he made fun of the format itself. For instance, one episode (the only one I could find online) was taped in front of empty bleachers with baby babbles for a laugh track. The usual top 40 band on the guest list played only one note. One other clip of the show, which you can find online, shows him him doing stand-up in front of preschoolers. Before you dismiss the source of my funny-bones with a fey wipe of the hand, you should see this:

Pants and I went down to San Diego to see this guy perform so you can imagine the dedication. We went to the S.D. Zoo beforehand and walked in 98 degree heat all day, dutifully seeing every animal on display. I walked around in a stupid hat, hoping, praying, that all this was WORTH the effort to see Zach. I especially felt this way as I was dizzy and nauseous from sun stroke, bending over a garbage can in front of the hippo enclosure. Because if I was going to pass out and turn blue, worry Pants, code red the zoo police, wake up the slumbering hippo, AND possibly die, Zach had better be funny. But I didn't pass out and Zach WAS funny. It all worked out.


Nomi Lubin said...

Zach Galifiankis is so great.

jennifersullivan said...

It made me laugh just picturing you in a stupid hat at the zoo. Hahaha! Funny stuff.
Zach rules. I signed up for his newsletter last week!