Friday, June 27, 2008

© Buddhist Pimp


You should know that today I made history. I thought of a great concept for a new show, a character, or maybe even just a plush toy: The Buddhist Pimp. I will go out on a limb here and say I was the first one to think of this in all of human history and will try to get someone to make me a million dollars off of it. I googled the concept to make sure I was right. And of course I was! I made the search engine cross-eyed. I got the image above instead.

P.S. Only ONE person played my porch game. This clearly demonstrates one thing: that most of you have a life. No, not because you didn't play the game but because you obviously know the meaning of all the terms. It was simply too easy for all of you wasn't it? I like to pander to my readership who are ALL so well-educated and adept at luxury quitodian architecture.


jennifersullivan said...

It's hard to even conceive what a buddhist pimp would look like. I think you should post an artistic rendering of this concept in the near future...

juliensky said...

I think I will!