Monday, June 23, 2008

The Porch Game

If you can define each of these terms correctly, you win a free melba toast (or a music mix if you don't like toast—especially melba). The first to complete the task wins!
(Note: you are not allowed to use internets for help. Use what knowledge you gleaned from your 20+ years (or 40+? if you actually are in my demographic) being around porches, et al.


The most sorry attempts will be posted here! And if no one tries to do this I will appropriate someone's name for my own wrong answers for comedic value.

Life's a bowl of Porch chops.

1 comment:

erica said...

um hmm well...dammit i already forgot the list and it's not right next to this box as i'm typing. all i know is that i think a patio is usually on ground level and it could be as simple as just like bricks on grass or whatevs. And a porch is usually raised above the ground and is covered in some sense, either overhead and with columns or maybe screened in or something. I thought veranda was like a patio except in the front instead. No idea about portico. You forgot deck!