Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vermont update number 4 (I think)

The last few days have been perfect weather-wise aside from a few rain storms that have caught me offguard and without an umbrella.
I attended a bonfire last night and committed my first block of time to this thing humans call "socializing". It is strange this activity. People just converse about anything they want. The subjects of the conversations are purely tangential. Sometimes people 'open-up' and you learn a new thing or two. Anyway, I did this until 4am.
Today, I tried to make more work but distractions are abound.
I had a nice studio visit with visiting artist Sarah Oppenheimer. Her work is all about perspective, a subject I also hold in high interest. She turns 3D experience into 2D ones. Interesting stuff. She's wicked smart and was quite helpful.


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