Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spider Crap: Vermont Update 2

The spider did not look like this. I just put it here because its looks like it would poo largely.

I can't say how nice it is to be free, unfettered from life's usual demands. I already feel my artistic powers cresting. Lots of good progress was made in the studio today, punctuated by chow time and the necessary work study work for the development office.

This day was perfect—almost.

The only 'off' moments today involved spiders. As I was peeing in the bathroom I saw an itty-bitty spider. I playfully blew on it pretending I was God. How fun! I blew this way and that and enjoyed watching it being confused by the sudden hurricane. But I guess I got carried away and decided to blow it off the ledge. In retrospect I wanted to see it get all spidey on me and break its own fall with its magical silk-throwing powers. Indeed, it broke its fall alright—on a bigger spider's web. The bigger spider wasted no time in mummifying its newfound prey as I watched helplessly. I felt kind of awful about it. I then reasoned (no doubt to heal my conscience) how life is crazy, even for a spider. Crazy things happen to all sorts of living creatures, many of which are simply are at the wrong place at the wrong time. People who live healthily get cancer. Innocent people get shot in wars. And innocent spiders get lifted by sudden gales into the jaws of other spiders. It's life. You can't argue with that. I took this logic to town and celebrated my own innocence with a coffee with a caveat that I will never blow poor insectoids to their own deaths again. Ever.

Later on that night, I was working in my studio. I was drawing on a canvas on my worktable when all of a sudden I saw a brown liquid come plopping down on my art. I looked up and saw no leaking, no pipes, nothing. But then realized where it came from: a big black spider DIRECTLY above the offending brown liquid! Was this revenge on behalf of all spiders? This spider decided to defecate, barf, or I dunno what on MY art. I didn't even know spiders could realize such a healthy flow of poo. Who knew!
Karma, I say. Karma.

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