Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, I arrived in one piece. I'm in Vermont! Never thought I'd come here. From the plane the land looked very green and bucolic. I'm sure there are rivers of Maple Syrup and pancake rafts—all waiting to be explored. Delta has already effed up and lost one of my bags, though. They better get Wavy Gravy or whatever bearded looking fellow to schlep my bag over to Johnson ASAP. All the airport staff look ridiculously more crunchy than their JFK counterparts. They're wearing Tevas and stuff.
More sensory relays when they come...

**Addendum: I left my Apple earbud headphones on the plane. When I went back, they were gone. I then did what any disgruntled recipient of bad luck would do: I shoplifted!
I swiped some Colby headphones from a Discovery Channel retail store when the attendant wasn't looking. The headphones lacked the tasteful design of the Apple earbuds as they has bolt-like thingies sticking out from the sides which made me look like a skinny Jewish Frankenstein, but they worked and I was happy again. But my smart antics went all bad Karma on me when I dropped my laptop from the seat yanking the Colby headphones apart at the plug. Now, I'm without earphones again. Should I steal again in Vermont?

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jennifersullivan said...

Yay! I hope you have an awesome time! Also, I enjoyed the details in your report about the airport peeps wearing Tevas and your comparison to a jewish Frankenstein...