Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pants was slapping me while I was blogging

Oh yes she was.

And then I posted this hilarafunnious video by the great Zach Galafiankis. It's the final installment of his Absolut Vodka ad series featuring Tim and Eric. I have to say I was less enthused by these than his other efforts, but they have grown on me. Maybe because I'm biased towards Zach G's genius. Maybe I was less excited about these at first because the comedy of these videos is more about awkwardness, like when Zach berated Tim and Eric in Part 2 for their "conversation mistake". Or maybe it's about putting comedy and awkwardness together and seeing what happens, hence the unscripted feel of these plugs.
Anyhoo, this is the best one by any measure, so enjoy. I plan to blog later about Zach's Alan Finger character on the defunkt Comedy Central show Dog Bites Man. So hold your breathe until you do and don't die from it.

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