Monday, October 13, 2008

R.I.P. Bill Claxton

Peggy Moffitt

William Claxton, one of most well-known and respected music photographers of his era, passed away the other day. He's probably most known for his images of his wife Peggy Moffitt and Chet Baker, among other Jazz greats. When I was in high school he was kind of enough to meet me for an interview for a class assignment. I never forgot what cool dude he was.

Not too long after the interview, Claxton and Moffitt came to my mother's house for a party. After smoking a copious amount of the green stuff I stumbled upon a friend of mine's impromptu trumpet solo in front of the couple. He barely had a clue how to play the thing but the copious amount of green he had smoked put his inhibitions by the wayside. They watched with big grins on their faces, completely amused. I'll never forget this as well as how Peggy was still sporting her trademark eye make-up. Time stood still twice over in that moment in my 18 year old brain.

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