Friday, October 17, 2008

The Stuff (1985)

I used to see this movie on cable during the day——never at night. I always thought it was strange when cable stations would show stuff (ha ha) like this when the sun was out, when everyone was at work. That made these flicks creepier somehow, intimating that they were blasé enough to be shown when little Timmy could see it on his sick day, making him afraid of Yoplait Yogurt for the rest of his young life.

I used to be fascinated by this movie because the black guy in it looked like the same man from the Famous Amos Cookie advertisements. Seeing this trailer above and the picture below at the age of 32, it's apparent I was wrong and fell prey to "every black man looks alike-itis" when I was a child. Either this or I really wanted the Famous Amos guy to sell me "the stuff" instead.

"Eat this stuff!"

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erica said...

wow, i have to see if they have this on netflix.