Sunday, March 1, 2009


I remember Lequin complaining about Sundays on her blog and I totally agree. If nuclear warheads were to come raze Los Angeles to dust, I'd prefer it would happen on a Sunday, please. Even though I am unemployed and have nothing to do tomorrow, for the exception of meeting with my 'art' accountant, who will hopefully hustle Unkey Sam for the highest tax refund possible, it still feels like the end of the times today.

However, there's one thing about Sunday that rules: no traffic. All those church-going folk and such are in their lazyboys watching basketball games and at the park grilling wieners, so people like me could drive to the beach in 5 minutes flat. But I didn't go to the beach today. I ran around the neighborhood and made happy on Skype with Pants. So I was contributing to the joys of Sunday by not driving. I made a difference.

Off the subject, here's HANDS DOWN the most beautiful recording I've heard coming from the African continent. It's of Malian origin and apparently sanctioned by the government. Mali is the 6th poorest country in the world, but at least they are siphoning the money to something that does a whole lot of good for the ears.
Here's a quiz, is Timbuktu a real place or a fictional place? Think of the answer and look it up.

Don't sleep on this stuff. It's HIGHLY recommended.

Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali—Side 1

Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali—Side 2

P.S. I happened upon a DEA press release regarding the crackdown on 'research chemical' websites, sites that peddle esoteric drug compounds. My interaction with one of them was not one too far away from when their proprietors got thrown in the can. Scary. As was the 'trip' they supplied me!
At any rate, look here, I can't get over the email names people use when doing their biz....

These website operators attempted to give an appearance of legitimacy to their websites by presumably selling these chemicals to bona fide researchers; however, a review of customer lists revealed purchasers with e-mail addresses such as acidtripo420@; ecstasylight@; madtriper17@; moontripperdipt@; partys_with_glow_sticks@; professor@; psychedelic_stoner@; and ravergirlny@.

I can't make fun though. My email was:

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