Monday, March 2, 2009



Get your meathooks off, douche.
Even though 2009 is far from over, the shoe-in for Knotty's A-Hole of the Year award goes to movie director Brett Ratner, the man behind all the Rush Hour(s), the last X-Men installment, among other things you will forget about—even while watching them. But the guy is powerful, as proven by the many ass-kissing ads that were taken out in his honor in Variety Magazine. I would 'place' these ads in their system slightly against my will when I worked there once.

I read a Vanity Fair exposé on him awhile back, in which he claims that he is an artist and that he's misunderstood. Afterall, he says, his films make lots of money. He probably gets the print space and air time because he's a loud Napoleonic Jew as well, a man with a bundle of Jewisma.
He's also buds with producer Robert Evans, the man behind Chinatown, Marathon Man, Rosemary's Baby, etc. I watched a film about Evans recently called The Kid Stays in The Picture, which I HIGHLY recommend. Not only for it's animated visuals, but for the story about his trials and tribulations as a studio head, a majestic producer, and a befallen coke head. The man is a real piece of work and I truly realized that true character and charisma can propel anyone quite far if you have lots of it. He has the charm and wile of a master salesman, which always comes through first. He had an eye for sure, but he made lots of mistakes too. "Was it all worth it?" he asks himself, "You bet your ass it was. It was one Hell of ride."

Only a little ways into watching it, did it occur to me that
Bob Odenkirk was spoofing Evans in a Mr. Show sketch when he played God recording his audio-biography in a studio.

All things told Evans might be as 'empty' as Ratner, but he has the charm, style, and charisma that that bratty jackass only could hope for. Does charisma only work for art? Julian Schnabel pulled it off, as did Kippenberger, though we realized there was substance under the addictive fumes. It remains to be seen about Ratner.

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