Tuesday, March 3, 2009



First off, Google has to get its act together in the 'shrug' search category. Slim pickin's over there. I was hoping to find a female middle-aged African-American supermarket worker shrugging, but I guess I was out of my element. Why would I be looking for something like this?

That's because I just encountered somebody who happens to fit this description at the supermarket near my apartment. The market seemed to only carry one size of coffee filters and when I asked about it, the cashier shrugged and said "If you come walking into this supermarket, don't be surprised." She said I might have luck in the produce section, half sarcastically, but I guess I saw the glass half-empty. I paid for the filters and left. Ha ha, it was first time I've seen a worker so obviously blasé about his or her own place of work in such a long time.

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