Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Fly Girlz


I was at my friends house last night and they axed me if I heard the Fly Girlz yet. I was like, "What, you mean— from Living Color?". No, my friends said. Then they put on the record, which immediately charmed me; they burned me a copy to take home.

I did some inter-sleuthing and was amazed to find that the record was produced by none other than fellow Bard grad/ex-roomate-- Nathan Corbin, who's been a member of NYC's Excepter for some years now.

The Fly Girlz comprise middle school girls from Brownsville, Brooklyn, who formed the group for a school project. How they ended up in Nathan's line of sight escapes me, but it's a cool project and worth your money.

Sample track HERE

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