Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Bass Solo that shook Earth to its molten core.

Have you ever loved rock music so much that you grabbed the nearest object that could be mentally fashioned into a guitar——or bass——and air-guitar-ed in the mirror to your favorite song, even though you had no talent for actually playing said instrument?

Here's an example of someone who got bitten by the 'rock music bug' and somehow stumbled, in this case literally, into a world-class rock band. Best and Worst bass solo caught on tape here. FWD to 2:09 to skip past the whiskey chugging nonsense. Like whiskey too much to skip past this? No worries. His bass is literally a Jack Daniels bottle. In the words of a YouTube commenter: "More like a Jeff Daniels Whiskey bottle".

Addendum: an old acquaintance from college pointed this out about Mike Anthony on Facebook: "The sad thing is that I have read more than one article where Michael Anthony admitted that he filled the Jack Daniels bottles with iced tea so he's not even drunk when he does that. And that's the best he can come up with."

Rock showmanship at its finest. Emphasis on SHOW and AIR

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