Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Daddy post

When I lived in NYC, I was a member of an upscale gym. I assure you this was not because I was rolling in cheese, but because I had this thing called "benefits" that came along with my job at the time. Upon registering my name there, they asked if I was "Michael Maslansky", or someone related. For a second I shuddered: it was as if I was in the twilight zone. That was my father's name and he has been dead for over 10 years. Maslansky is a very rare name and for a second I entertained the idea that my father was a member of this gym in the 1970s.  But being that he was about as athletically inclined as a fire hydrant, I quickly dismissed that notion and assented to the idea there was another Michael Maslansky out there. It turns out, it was this guy (see video). I found out later he is indeed a family member, but distantly. I tried emailing him on twitter, but received no reply. He's apparently an expert at communications, but not so much when the son of his long-dead doppleganger comes knocking?

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