Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm 36 years old. Here's some thoughts of stuff I have learned thus far....

1. There's nothing advantageous to self-flagellation

2. Boredom is caused by many things, but it isn't what you are doing with your time, whatever that is.

3. People come and go in your life and that's OK.

4. It's fine to be angry. Just use that energy productively and let it go.

5. Failing is more important than success if something is learned.

6. My time on Earth is limited and I'd rather enjoy myself with anything I'm doing, rather than
worrying about the future.

7. I'm through with being cool (DEVO!) and it's a waste of time because what is cool is always changing.

8. Being generous feels good.

9. Not a single person can provide you with an answer to any problem, most of the time.

10. Sleep is the best. Too much of it though is a bad thing.

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